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Christa Meola is the author of the newly released The Art of Boudoir and is an internationally recognized photographer who travels the world for portraits, speaking engagements, and teaching.

She believes that honoring our bodies, emotions, choices, and impulses through photography—whether in front of or behind the camera—is empowering and profoundly sexy.

A self-declared sensualist, she has been infatuated with visual storytelling since childhood. She has enjoyed life behind the camera since the age of six, when playtime included dressing up with friends and taking pictures.

Christa is on a mission to empower women to adore their bodies. She offers private one-on-one shoots in New York City and destinations around the world. She has a penchant for capturing sensual escapades, black and white bodyscapes, and adoration in motion.

Christa has taught thousands of photographers the secrets of her successful boudoir business. She is the founder of Christa Meola Pictures and  the creator of The Money Shots, a posing and coaching guide of the best-selling shots.
Learn more about Christa on her popular blog at christameola.com.