1. What is the difference between The Online Boudoir Workshop and Christa’s other workshops?

Three days vs. SIX WEEKS. The biggest benefit of The Online Boudoir Workshop is not only the depth of content covered, but also the duration you’re with me. So you can go way beyond the initial q’s you have to the additional q’s that pop up after you begin to implement what you’re learning. So you have time to actually digest all the material, consider it, test it out, make changes, ask more questions as we go, and continue to do so over the course of six weeks! Plus the content is available to you 24/7 during that time, so you can move through it at your pace and convenience.

New material and depth of material
The material covered on building a business, pricing, sales, products, client relationships, branding, styling, working with women, lighting, equipment, posing, shooting, marketing, and post-production is not only more in depth with The Online Boudoir Workshop rather than other workshops, but also a lot of it is BRAND NEW material that I’ve never shared, including downloads that I’m confident you’ll love using.

Real shoots
The actual content in The Online Boudoir Workshop is the closest you’ll come to being a fly on the wall at my real shoots with clients, models, curvy women, and soccer moms. I shoot in an intimate setting with privacy for the non-model, who is typically very nervous. There are no distractions during a real photo shoot, like other people watching or questions from students. With a discreet camera operator filming me, I proceed through the shoots as I normally do, and then we watch the edited footage together so I can describe what was really going through my mind while I was shooting, rather than what I actually was saying to my subject for her benefit. That is not at all what is presented in other workshops.

Doing vs. watching
There are tools, projects and assignments that are a part of the Online Boudoir Workshop that do not exist in any other workshop. These resources are specifically designed to take you through exactly how I set up my business, from A to Z, and to make sure you are taking action and moving towards your goals. This isn’t a spectator workshop. Success requires action!

Ongoing personal interaction
Two favorite features that are a part of the Online Boudoir Workshop have personal interaction with me available to you only for this course: the LIVE calls every week (including an after party call) and commenting in our Members Only Area. You are guaranteed that I will answer all your questions during the calls or in the Members Area. In other workshops, there will be limited, if any, personal interaction between us.

The Members’ Lounge
One of the top benefits reported by everyone who took the Online Boudoir Workshop previously, is the Members Only Area! This community is a powerful resource, and you will likely glean more from each other, including support, great ideas, and answers to struggles, then you could from just me alone. That ain’t happening in other workshops.

Lifetime Membership
That’s right. When you register for the workshop, you receive Lifetime access to all of my Online Workshop resources every year we run the workshop, including every new video, recording and download. How awesome is that! So fear not if you get unexpectedly busy, you’ll now have lifetime access.

Our exclusive OBW Referral Network
We get tons of client inquiries each and every week from all over the world, requesting a boudoir shoot. My team and I couldn’t possibly shoot every one, and I’d love to give them your name. Graduates of my Online Boudoir Workshop who remain in good standing will now be included in the new Referral Network.

Lastly, there are additional Online Boudoir Workshop benefits and bonuses that are not a part of other workshops that you’ll see as the workshops progresses. Particularly, the fun and friendships you’ll have along the way.

2.I have something scheduled during the course. Will I miss anything?

You won’t miss a thing. I built this boudoir workshop for busy bees like me, and so the content is available 24/7 baby! Plus the materials will be online and available to you for six weeks, plus bonus two weeks after that… Plenty of time for you to watch/listen/learn at your own pace and convenience.

3. I have no experience. I’m a total beginner. Is this the right course for me?
Hell yeah! Talk about perfect timing. This course will short cut your learning curve and get you started with smart habits and powerful tips in a super fun way that will set you up for success with my very simple, totally easy, and budget-friendly approach. No experience necessary. We always have beginners in attendance (as well as very experienced talented pro’s). Sign-up now, and you’ll thank yourself!

4. I’m already a pro. Is this too basic for me?
Awesome! Well let me ask you: Are your sales where you want them to be right now? Are you creatively juiced and completely inspired? Is your time spent in post-production effortless, fast and easy? Do you have raving fan clients that spread great word about you like wild fire? Are you having FUN with your business? If you can’t answer a whole-hearted HELL YES! to any of these q’s, then sign up baby! There’s something to be learned at every stage of the game, and mastery is oftentimes about bringing it back to the basics and doing things in a new way, seen from a different perspective. Join us now – we’re going to bring your creativity and success to the next level!

5. Do I need any equipment?
No fancy equipment needed. You will need access to a computer and the internet, and whatever camera you have currently. I highly recommend that you enjoy the entire course before purchasing any sort of new camera or lighting equipment. I’ll be demo’ing a bare bones simple approach as well as my favorite equipment, so you’ll get to see a bunch of gear in action and make a more informed decision about what you’d love to try before you buy.

6. I’m a male photographer. Please be honest and tell me about the relative success/appropriateness of men vs. women in this industry.
Once you get to know me, you’ll laugh that you asked me to be honest because I’m 100% real and forthright. I understand your concern, and I’m here to tell you that although women have an innate advantage in having certain clients trust them off the bat, there is no other advantage for females, and certainly no reason why you can’t be just as successful as your female counterpart. Plenty of men have signed up for the course, and I’ve received glowing positive reviews from the men who took it previously. Here is what a few of them had to say…

Money and time well invested! This was an awesome experience. I am SO glad I made the decision to do it!
Michael T. Sedwick, South Elgin, IL

Just DO IT! Highly Recommended! Amateur or Pro, you’re bound to find out more about your own prowess as a photographer and businessperson!
Scott W. Robinson

Worth every penny, definitely recommend, what a treasure trove of information!
John P. Dunnigan

This was the best money and time that I have ever spent on pursuing a passion. Regardless of previous experience and genre, if you are interested in shooting portraits, this is the most comprehensive workshop A to Z that you will find.
Herb Irvin

This is a great chance to get very personal with a pro.
Ole Vangsgaard

I am in love with my work again. Christa’s workshop is an intoxicating mix of awesome experience and practical advice that beautifully fleshes out all the areas that have held us back. Now we can fly!
Christopher Medak.

Highly recommend. Christa’s energy & care for her students comes through. Really brilliant tips. I’ve taken a bunch of courses that explore various methods but her’s fit very well with the way I want to work.
John Cornicello

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